The healing at the pool


God is always selective. From the beginning to the end of prophesy; when he chosen Abraham, when he chosen parents for John the Baptist, he was always selective. The attributes for the selection process were very contradictory, contradictory to the eyes and thoughts of people. Even the hearts very attached to God didn’t understand these characteristics. Samuel didn’t understand God’s selection of David, a feeble young boy over his strong and mighty brothers.

God always find something very extraordinary in some souls. When Jesus arrived in Bethesda he saw many disabled people there. All are waiting for miraculous healing. Jesus selected only one person, and the scripture never says the invalid asked for his mercy. And he even didn’t know him. But Jesus showed a special interest in him.

The Samaritan woman was an extraordinary subject.at_the_pool_of_bethesda_lg There must be many people coming to collect water from the well. But none of them attracted Jesus. The Samaritan Woman didn’t realise Jesus, who is already a famous figure. She was not at all interested what is happening around her, in the community. She was insulated in a similar way the disabled in Bethesda and the man blind from birth that get healed on Sabbath.

The people who met Jesus was all are insulated. Nicodemus was very insulated when he visited Christ through the darkness of night.  It may not be always voluntary; the community insulated Zacchaeus.

But after the selection all the subjects become part of the community. The disabled talked to the priests about Jesus as the blind man did. The Samaritan Girl went to her own people to tell about Jesus. Zacchaeus arranged a party and distributed his wealth. But the subjects are all different from the insulated state.


So being alone in the crowd is always good. In other sense distinct character always lead to God. And there is no relevance for the reason of this solitude. It doesn’t matter whether it is because of someone’s sin or of his parents. It doesn’t matter whether it is because of sin or righteous activity or practice.

So it is good to be distinctive, in our thoughts and in our activities. The rest, whether we seek him or waiting for him is irrelevant. He always does the choosing. The quality required is being distinctive.  


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