Sweet Heart..


O, Soul full of sin, see the love of Jesus heart to you. The very time you entered this world he purified you through the holy sacrament of baptism. He saved you from the slavery of Satan. He will decorate you with his grace. He addressed  you as his friend and then as his son and with most fondness he kept you in his sacred heart. But you escaped from the love nest just when you become an adult by discarding his love and kindness. You contaminated your soul with sins. Thus your soul becomes the slave of Satan. O my soul, thus you lost the grace you received from baptism and the title-‘son of Jesus’ and ‘most beautiful bride’.  And you become the most ugly creature. The most desperate moment is the time when you lost Jesus in your life.  Remember my Soul, that that day was the saddest day for the Sacred Heart. The love full of kindness is attracting you. Jesus is causing fear and repent to change yourself and wish you forgive all your sins.

But what is your stance after you get forgiveness? Do you mind to sustain in his love? You are departing from his love in every second. But he is following you with love and gentleness. O, my soul, still you are not aware of the love of our saviour? ImageDon’t you recognize the sadness of his heart caused by your sin..? Can’t you hear the knocking on your heart?  Why he is following you with this much vigilance? Do you think your death cause damage to the sacred heart? He is worried about your most precious soul. O, my soul, don’t you feel pity to yourself?  If you love yourself, you have to run to the safety of the sacred heart – your father, your creator. He will forgive your sins and will decorate with grace.


O, the friend of souls! I adore you. Love you with all my strength. It is a great condemnation that I forget your eternal love as you are eager to save these souls. The most sweet heart of Jesus,  I am regretful for not feeling any kindness and love to you even I watch the wounds in your heart. O, Jesus, O, my most sufficient pleasure on earth, allow me to repent on the sinful state of my soul and allow me to love you with my all strength.


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